What are signs of a cockroach infestation?

What are signs of a cockroach infestation?

Cockroaches in your kitchen aren't just creepy; they can also pose a health hazard. Although cockroaches aren't linked to major disease outbreaks, they can carry bacteria to your food and make you sick with salmonella or other bacterial infections. When you first notice a sign of cockroaches in your home, you'll want to call in a pest removal expert to take care of the problem. At Eco-Logic Management, our crew specializes in cockroach removal in Scottsdale. We'll thoroughly eliminate the infestation, enabling your return to domestic bliss.

Common Signs of Cockroaches

Egg casings are one common sign that cockroaches have taken up residence in your home. Cockroach egg casings typically have a cylindrical shape and are brown in color. Depending on the specific cockroach species, the casings will hold somewhere between ten and fifty eggs. Oftentimes, egg casings are found in out-of-the-way areas, such as behind furniture or appliances.

A couple of particularly disgusting signs of cockroaches are musty odors and fecal matter. Cockroaches produce an oily, musty odor that won't be noticeable to humans if there's just one or two roaches around. But if there's a whole colony nearby, then you may notice this stench. Fecal matter is another repulsive indication of a cockroach infestation. Cockroach feces looks like tiny coffee grounds or black pepper, and tends to be scattered.

If you see dead roaches in your home, that means there are probably live roaches living nearby. When you see dead roaches, a professional inspection can give you a concrete understanding of whether you have an infestation, and how bad it is. If you see live cockroaches during the daytime, then you've got another sign of an infestation. Roaches are nocturnal by nature. So if they're active in your home during the day, then you may have a particularly bad infestation.

Cockroach Removal in Scottsdale, AZ

When you need cockroach removal in Scottsdale, contact Eco-Logic Management at (480) 470-9005. Our local pest control company will show up quickly to eliminate all cockroaches from the premises. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment! Or you can use our easy online tool to !

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Posted: September 2021

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