4 Tips for Keeping Scorpions Away

4 Tips for Keeping Scorpions Away

With the onset of warmer summer weather, it's more likely that you'll encounter a scorpion. Bark scorpions and desert hairy scorpions are two of the more common species in Arizona. Though these creatures are nocturnal by nature and in Arizona there hasn't been a recorded death from a scorpion sting in over 40 years, you still want to avoid scorpions because their stings can be very painful. The bark scorpion, in particular, has a sting that can cause numbness and shooting pain for multiple days. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to prevent scorpions from taking up residence in your home and yard. If scorpions do get into your home, a reputable pest control professional can take care of them. Here are four helpful tips for keeping scorpions away.

Remove Hiding Spots in Yard

Scorpions love a good shelter to hide out during the day. If there is any unnecessary debris in your yard, you'll want to clean it up. By keeping your landscaping nice and tidy, scorpions will be less attracted to your property.

Seal Up

To prevent scorpions from living in or entering your home, you'll want to seal any harborage areas. It's also a good idea to close gaps around doors and windows, as well as to add screens to bathroom vents.


You could also benefit from spraying pesticides around exterior doors and windows. However, it's worth keeping mind that pesticides can take 3 to 5 days to have an effect on the scorpions. But once the scorpions do become affected by the pesticides, they'll start behaving strangely. You might even see them sitting out in the open on your floor in the daylight, despite being a nocturnal species.


In some cases, you know scorpions are in the home, but you have a really hard time pinpointing their exact location. For such situations, blacklighting can be used to more easily spot the scorpions, at which point they can be removed.

If you need pest control, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For scorpion removal in Phoenix, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale, AZ, contact the experts at Eco-Logic Management at (480) 470-9005. Eco-Logic Management also specializes in weed control in Phoenix. Feel free to give Eco-Logic Management a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: May 3, 2021

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