6 Interesting Facts about Termites

6 Interesting Facts about Termites

While termites are best-known for being creepy-crawlies that like to chow down on wood, they are also interesting creatures that have existed for around a quarter-billion years, meaning that for millions of years they roamed alongside the dinosaurs. Though they've been around a long time, that doesn't mean they're entitled to taking up residence in your home. When you first notice signs of a termite infestation, you'll want to call in a pest control specialist to take care of the problem. Here's a look at six interesting facts about termites.

They Eat More than Just Wood

While they've certainly earned their reputation for having a wood-heavy diet, termites will dine on just about anything made of plant material, even clothing. They've also been known to gorge on plastics.

Expansive Colonies

There are some termite species that build enormous mounds that house their colonies. In some regions of Africa, termite mounds can reach three stories in height. In Brazil, researchers discovered a giant network of termite mounds that is comparable in size to Great Britain.

Enemy Ants

Ants prey on termites and also compete with them for resources. Sometimes, ant and termite colonies that are in close proximity will launch large-scale attacks against each other. Each species has designated soldiers that are sent into battle.

Major Damage

Property damage may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about termites---and with good reason. Every year, termites cause more than five billion dollars in property damage.

Wings As Needed

Termites grow wings, but only have them at times when they need them, like when they swarm in search of a new colony. Then, once they've set up shop in their new colony, they soon shed their wings.

Termite Metropolis

With some termite species, colonies are formed with hundreds of thousands of individuals. The largest known population in a termite colony is three million.

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Posted: December 31, 2020

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