5 Reasons to Regularly Weed Your Garden

5 Reasons to Regularly Weed Your Garden

For both vegetable and flower gardens, weeds can feel like the nuisance that never goes away. Still, it's important to keep up the fight against unwanted garden guests. By keeping out weeds, it'll be much easier for your plantings to thrive. Here are five reasons why you should regularly weed your garden.

Weeds Steal Water

Especially in a desert climate, water is a precious commodity that should be directed only to the plants you want in your garden. When weeds find a reliable water source, they can suddenly take over a vast area.

Weeds Block Sunlight

Some weeds can quickly grow to heights taller than your garden plants, and will consequently block out the sunlight that your flowers and crops so badly need. By pulling weeds before they grow tall, you'll minimize the risk of them flowering and seeding.

Weeds Steal Nutrients

For your flowers and veggies to grow vigorously, they need soil that provides them with proper nutrition. When weeds spread through the garden bed, they gorge on nutritious soil, leaving your desirable plants with less food to keep them strong.

Weeds Can Harbor Pests

Many garden pests like to have cover. As weeds take over your garden, it'll be easier for pests to hide out as they do their daily damage in your garden. Pests such as aphids are a particular nuisance because their bites increase the chances of your crops becoming diseased.

Competition for Space

When you plant a new flower or crop in your garden, you want to pay attention to how much space it will need by the time it reaches maturity. The plant should have all this space to itself so that it can freely soak up sun, water, and nutrients. As weeds move in, they can crowd the plant's root zone, making it more difficult for your flower or veggie to grow strongly.

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Posted: February 1, 2021

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