Common Weeds in Phoenix that Should Be Removed from Your Property

Common Weeds in Phoenix that Should Be Removed from Your Property

Common Weeds in Phoenix that Should Be Removed from Your PropertyIn the war against weeds, it can feel like you're stuck in a never-ending battle. But by hiring a professional crew to eliminate the weeds on your property, you can affordably keep your yard looking beautiful. In addition to aesthetic appeal, it's important to keep certain weeds off of your property because they attract insect pests. Here's a look at five types of weeds in Phoenix that should be removed from your yard.

Globe Chamomile

Also called stinknet, globe chamomile has become a major problem in the Valley. Though some folks find its bright color to be charming, this is an invasive weed that can wreak havoc on local ecosystems. And when stinknet flowers dry out, they can create a serious wildfire hazard. The best way to eliminate it is through manual removal.


Purslane is exotic to Arizona and has a strong taproot that helps it survive periods of extended drought. In some parts of the world it is used for culinary purposes, but in this area it is generally considered an unwelcome guest in the garden.

London Rocket

London rocket is a broadleaf plant that is native to Eurasia. It's leaves, seeds, and flowers are edible, but are quite hot and don't have a desirable flavor. It is considered a weed throughout the Southwest.


There are several varieties of pigweed, which are also known as amaranths. Each plant can produce around 100,000 seeds, making it a plant that American farmers consider to be a major nuisance, even though pigweed is grown as a food crop in other parts of the world.

Bur Clover

Native to Mediterranean countries, bur clover is now found across the globe. It produces obnoxious burs that cling to clothing and fur, allowing it to expand its range. Though cows enjoy eating bur clover, this weed is definitely one you don't want to take hold in your urban or suburban yard.

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Posted: September 3, 2020

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