4 Common Signs of Termites

4 Common Signs of Termites

4 Common Signs of TermitesTermites are some of the most troubling insects for homeowners across the United States. These pesky creatures cause billions of dollars worth of property damage every year. In order to protect yourself from having to shell out money to pay for repairs to structural damage caused by these wood eating insects, be sure to pay attention to any signs that they may be around. Aside from seeing actual termites, the following are the most common ways to detect these nasty bugs.

Small burrows

If you find pencil sized tubes of dirt on the ground near your home or any wood food source, such as a tree, shed, deck or an outbuilding, it could be a shelter built by termites. These bugs require certain humidity levels to survive, and they burrow into the ground to achieve it. If you break open one of these tubes and notice it is rebuilt within a day or two, there are definitely termites present. You may also find a termite or two inside the tubes when they are opened, giving you all the evidence you need to know it's time to call in a pest control expert right away.

Termite Wings

Termites will fly to new nesting areas and then shed their wings, as they will no longer need them. Termite wings are the same size on both sides of their body, unlike flying ant wings, which are different sizes. A collection of tiny wings is often a clear indication an infestation is underway in or near your home.

Termite Droppings

Termite droppings look like spilled ground pepper. This will often collect near a food source, such as wood siding, decking, or other materials. Don't disregard this sight, as a collection of droppings is likely an indication of a problem much bigger than you may be imagining.

Wood Damage

Of course the biggest sign of trouble, aside from seeing termites themselves, are grooves or holes in wood in or around your home. You may find damage in decking, furniture, siding, the structure of your home or even trees. Termites eat cellulose and gnaw through wood in search of this food source. This can result in massive structural damage that may be expensive to fix if it is not brought to a halt as soon as it is noticed.

It is possible to have a termite problem without any symptoms being present, as they could be eating away at the bones of your home inside your walls. However, it is very rare for damage to go unnoticed. If you have reason to believe you may require termite control in Scottsdale, Cave Creek or the surrounding Arizona communities, be sure to connect with Eco-Logic Management. Our team of professional pest control techs will work with you to quickly and effectively remove these insects from your property. To learn more, or to request a quote for superior pest control in Cave Creek, give us a call at (480) 470-9005 today.

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Posted: July 16, 2020

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